Things Iíve Learned or Remembered Since My Diagnosis

The following was posted on the ACOR list by Cynthia Marrs () and is reprinted here with her permission in our August/September, 2002 Newsletter..

  • 1. Itís not all in my head. I can trust my instincts.
  • 2. Someone else is in a far worse position than I am.
  • 3. Iím not short on memory; I have a surplus of forgetfulness (Thank you Ellen DeGeneres)
  • 4. How to spell diarrhea.
  • 5. Itís okay to ask for help.
  • 6. Itís okay to stand up for myself.
  • 7. My daughter loves me.
  • 8. God will many times give me more than I can handle. It is His loving way of reminding me that it isnít my job. I am not in charge.
  • 9. Making sure the will and insurance are complete and correct is responsible. Ordering the headstone is premature.
  • The most important one of all! I AM NOT ALONE!
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